Welcome to Skull Iron.  Metal music and Motorcycles have been our passion for our whole lives.  A life time of listening to everyone from Queen to Amon Amarth and everyone in between.  A life time of Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  A life time of live Music Festivals and Gigs.  A life time of Rallys and Ride Outs.


These are the ingredients that have brought us to this point and have influenced our style and design.  We will use all our experience to design clothing that we want to wear and we hope those who love Metal Music and Motorbikes will want to wear too.  We are sharing our style with the rest of the world.  Skull Iron is about being different, alternative, not in "Vogue". We want the different people to wear our brand.  We want the Goths, the Emos, the Metalheads, the Greasy Bikers, the 1%ers, the Thrashers, the Gangers to love what we do.


We are Skull Iron...We are different.