Got a design idea?

Design your own Skull Iron! 

We are very keen to hear from the community and people like us! If you have an idea for a design (t-shirt or hoodie) and would like to see it live on Skull Iron, then we can do it for you. 

Just tell us the kind of thing it is, the kind of skull / what its doing and a basic idea of the layout. We can do the rest! 

What you will get if your design is successful? 

  1. Bragging Rights! We will add your name to the logo e.g. "Designed by Bruce D" and T-shirt sold will have your name on them! 
  2. We will give you a special discount on the t-shirt for you and any friends that you want to give it to 
  3. If you want, we can include you in a special Blog Post, right here on Skull Iron
  4. You may have other things in mind - let us know, we are a start up and pretty flex

Get Going! Simply drop us an email on and with the idea, and we can take it from there. 

Small Print: Not much really. Ultimately we will own the final design and will use it on our shop (with full kudos to you in the page description!). We also won't do anything political / offensive to people or generally support anyone being a dick.